Back To The Future

Sneaking in just before the deadline here with the March edition of The Zaleski Minute. If it takes you longer than 60 seconds to get through this, you know the drill: complain to management.

What I Was Writing:

  1. For Popular ScienceWhere are all the jetpacks, self-driving cars, and other modes of transportation we were promised? Still years away, despite Popular Science writing — in 1924, mind you — that flying cars were only mere decades from touching down in the driveways of America.

  2. For CityLab: Some 80 people in this country not only have purchased their own railcars, but they’re also Amtrak-certified to run them on passenger rail. Meet the folks with their own trains.

  3. For CNBCA handful of plucky startups are waging a battle to develop a better battery, one more powerful than current lithium-ion technology that will help usher in an all-electric future.

Spend Some Time With…

This Doug Bock Clark story of the massive and complicated (in route and in makeup) secret system that assists people set on escaping North Korea.