Better Late Than Never

A late edition of the September Zaleski Minute; such is life in the final days of finishing a magazine feature (one that will be in the October newsletter, coming right around the corner). As always, thanks for being here, and if it takes you longer than 60 seconds, complain to management.

What I Was Writing:

  1. For Medium: Dogs, it turns out, have more to give humans other than unwavering loyalty. They might just be our best hope at learning to live healthier, longer lives free of disease.

If You Missed It:

Thomas Lin@7homaslin

A nuanced and accurate analysis explaining why local/regional newspaper chain websites are so godawfully bad. By @ajzaleski in @CityLab:

September 10, 2018
TL;DR: The websites of local newspapers are almost universally awful.

Don’t Learn to Code:

“Unless you are 80 years old or something, you will have to repeatedly reinvent yourself in the coming decades,” Yuval Noah Harari tells GQ. “The most important investment that people can make is not to learn a particular skill … No, the most important investment is really in building this more flexible mind or personality.”