This Is The End

Welcome to the last Zaleski Minute of 2019. As always, if it takes you longer than 60 seconds, complain to management.

So Long, 2019:

I wrote 31 articles this year, for publications including Popular Science, Bloomberg Businessweek, Outside, MIT Technology Review, Elemental, The Washington Post Magazine, and elsewhere. Here are some of the hits:

  • Meet the Wounded Veteran Who Got a Penis Transplant: For MIT Technology Review, a feature about the first full penis transplant ever performed on a war veteran.

  • The Scam of Deadly Fitness Supplements: For Elemental, a feature about a $400-million-dollar supplement manufacturer taken down by the Justice Department after their products killed consumers, including a soldier.

  • The Salt King of America: For Bloomberg Businessweek, a feature about Ben Jacobsen, the first person to set up a salt works on the Oregon coast since the days of Lewis and Clark.

  • The Giving Trees: For Popular Science, a feature about the meaning of urban trees and Gene DeSantis, who has planted more than 15,000 trees over a span of 40 years in Baltimore.

  • The Brain That Remade Itself: For OneZero, a feature about a 6-year-old who had 1/6 of his brain removed and turned out to be fine — after his brain literally changed.

  • A Month on the Carnivore Diet: For Outside, a feature about my month-long experiment as a member of Shawn Baker's all-meat cult, eating nothing but animal protein in September 2018.

Thanks for reading. Happy new year. Wishing us all a healthy and prosperous 2020.