Wash Your Damn Hands

Welp. It’s time for the April issue of The Zaleski Minute. Pour a drink, I guess. And wash your hands. If this takes you longer than 60 seconds, send all complaints to management.

What I Was Writing:

  1. For Popular MechanicsDisaster preppers with “End of the World” closets weren’t hoping for a pandemic. But when coronavirus hit, they were ready. What to learn, what to buy, and what to prioritize during the worldwide spread of COVID-19, from five expert preppers.

  2. For OneZero: As the world grapples with coronavirus, the average person is turning to YouTube for answers. And as people devour once-obscure medical programming, medical professionals are becoming overnight sensations. Meet Doctor YouTube.

  3. For GQ: We’ve all heard it before: Stop eating processed foods. But what does that even mean? And are processed foods even as bad for you as they’re made out to be?

Wear A Mask (Seriously. Wear One):

One of the best science journalists working today answers the question, in Wired: “Do masks work? Should everyone wear them? And if there aren’t enough medical-grade masks for the general public, is it possible to make a viable substitute at home? Decades of scientific research, lessons from past pandemics, and common sense suggest the answer to all of these questions is yes.”