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June is at an end, which means it’s time for the latest Zaleski Minute. (Yes, I know I skipped May.) Remember, if it takes you longer than 60 seconds to get through this, complain to management.

What I Was Writing:

  1. For PostindustrialI previewed this story in April’s Zaleski Minute: It’s the tale of Mined Minds, a nonprofit that promised jobs in tech to out-of-work coal miners and underemployed folks in Appalachia. All they had to do was get through a free, 32-week boot camp to learn to code. But after a trail of layoffs and a lawsuit, former students say the camp was a far cry from what they were promised.

  2. For OneZero: Toxic nitrogen runoff is poisoning our drinking water and killing off marine life. Most of it comes from America’s Corn Belt, a geographic area of 97 million acres in the middle of the U.S., where more than 6 million tons of nitrogen fertilizer is used each year. But what if farmers didn’t need to use fertilizer? What if corn could grow itself?

  3. For Popular Science: Gene DeSantis has spent the predominant part of a textured life planting trees — 15,223 of them, to be exact. Meet the Johnny Appleseed of Baltimore.

Happy Independence Day, everyone. See you at the end of July.

It's April ... What Do You Expect?

The forecast: It’s April. Which means it’s time for the next Zaleski Minute. And remember: If it takes you longer than 60 seconds to get through this, complain to management.

What I Was Writing:

  1. For ElementalButter in your coffee? All-meat diet? How about fasting for 60 hours straight? A peek into the wild dietary world of eating for mental clarity and battling that 2:30 feeling.

  2. For Curbed: According to some in the self-driving industry, the future of autonomous transportation in America’s cities will arrive in the form of pint-size buses traveling at 11 miles an hour. Giddy up.

  3. For Washingtonian: You might know Paul Reed Smith as one of the most prolific luthiers in the U.S. today. But when he’s not making guitars for the likes of Carlos Santana, he’s developing technology now in use by America’s intelligence agencies.

Can You Spare A Dime?

I have a big feature out in print next month in a brand new magazine: Postindustrial. It’s a publication that reports exclusively on Appalachia and the Rust Belt, and it’s already putting out a weekly newsletter and articles online. On Kickstarter it has raised more than $23,000 on its way to its $30,000 fundraising goal. If you care about journalism in between the coasts and have a few bucks to spare, I’d appreciate it if you tossed a few Postindustrial’s way.

Back To The Future

Sneaking in just before the deadline here with the March edition of The Zaleski Minute. If it takes you longer than 60 seconds to get through this, you know the drill: complain to management.

What I Was Writing:

  1. For Popular ScienceWhere are all the jetpacks, self-driving cars, and other modes of transportation we were promised? Still years away, despite Popular Science writing — in 1924, mind you — that flying cars were only mere decades from touching down in the driveways of America.

  2. For CityLab: Some 80 people in this country not only have purchased their own railcars, but they’re also Amtrak-certified to run them on passenger rail. Meet the folks with their own trains.

  3. For CNBCA handful of plucky startups are waging a battle to develop a better battery, one more powerful than current lithium-ion technology that will help usher in an all-electric future.

Spend Some Time With…

This Doug Bock Clark story of the massive and complicated (in route and in makeup) secret system that assists people set on escaping North Korea.

Insane In The Membrane

Hello, folks. We missed last month thanks to myriad deadline crunches, but I’ll try to make it up to you here. This is February’s Zaleski Minute. As always, if it takes you longer than 60 seconds, complain to management.

What I Was Writing:

  1. For OneZeroTanner Collins was 6 years old when 1/6 of his brain was removed. Doctors didn’t know if he would ever recognize his parents again. And then the miraculous happened — he turned out to be fine. His is the brain that literally remade itself.

  2. For Medium: Meet the internet punks of NoSurf, a group who started logging off of social media before it was trendy.

  3. For Outside: The merits of eating beef is in the news, but in an exploration of (supposed) benefits of the all-meat Carnivore Diet, I ate nothing but animal protein* — a lot of steak — for the entire month of September. (*There’s information about my bowel movements. There’s your trigger warning.)

  4. For The Washington Post Magazine: Take a tour of Maryland’s 3rd Congressional District, one of the most gerrymandered in the United States.

Go Out And Buy:

A copy of the spring 2019 issue of Popular Science, where you can read my feature about the coming age of future transportation. Hyperloop! Self-driving cars! Flying cars! And…jetpacks?

Parting Shot:

Fuck Facebook.

This Is The End

Welcome to the last Zaleski Minute of 2018. (Enjoy responsibly, folks.) As always, if it takes you longer than 60 seconds, complain to management.

What I Was Writing:

  1. For MediumCraigslist made Craig Newmark a rich man — and a pariah among journalists for siphoning off some $5 billion of newspapers’ classifieds advertising revenue. But over the last decade, the man viewed as reporting’s grim reaper has donated more than $70 million to the news business.

So Long, 2018:

  1. I wrote 44 articles this year, for publications including Popular Science, Bloomberg Businessweek, Fortune, The Washington Post Magazine, and elsewhere. On Twitter, I’ve compiled some of my favorite pieces from the last 12 months.

Thanks for reading. Here’s to wishing us all a healthy and prosperous 2019. See you next month.

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