We Can Rebuild Him, Part 2

Friends: Happy new year, almost three months in the making. I’ve been hunkered down in the writing lair since January, having completed about 15,000 words of writing in that time for articles forthcoming in Popular Mechanics, New Scientist, MIT Technology Review, Popular Science, and CityLab.

So that’s why this is late. Well, that, and I also finally had cataract surgery on my left eye. (You might remember.)

Without further ado, the new Zaleski Minute. As always, if this takes you longer than 60 seconds, complain to management.

What I Was Writing:

  1. For MIT NewsZoom, phone, even connected devices. When the pandemic struck last year, doctors had to get creative about “seeing” patients — virtually. Now comes figuring out whether telemedicine is here to stay.

Up For The Challenge

A human challenge trial for Covid-19 is now underway in the U.K. Volunteers between the ages of 18 and 30 are being deliberately infected with the novel coronavirus. Why? My Elemental feature from last July answers the question.